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Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 466 - NOT so Noble Garden !

Aprillian, Tedrah, Vrishna, Marzana and guest hosts discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's greatest MMORPG. The show features audio segments and email submissions from our lovely listeners.
If you want to join the conversations on the show, we have a live chatroom with in-game giveaways moderated by chatroom-chick Tedrah. We record every Saturday at 6 p.m. EST / 8 a.m. (Sun. Australia’s time), on our Ustream page!
We also have an ongoing contest. Send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altoholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a WoW Pet or an Authenticator.


Hello everybody,
Wanted to check in with you all following my sudden departure a couple of weeks back.
As many will know if you follow me on Twitter etc I unfortunately suffered a second stroke. It actually took place during the show record which may be a podcast first!
Although not as big a bleed as the first it has left me pretty messed up and effectively helpless without a lot of help from Sharon and the kids. They as always have stepped up. Sharon is just about the strongest person I know and faces every challenge with an inner fortitude I could never come close to achieving. I can literally say I would not be here without her.
Many other people have also stepped up in the last week. Faced with a hideous medical situation was bad enough but on top of that we were hit with a financial one as well. With no other options I reached out for help via a GoFundMe.
I was very scared about how this would be received. I needn't have been. The overwhelming generosity of so many has left me humbled and beyond grateful. The vast majority of this has come from people I connected with via CtrlAltWoW.
In just a few days the goal has almost been reached and that is staggering. I can now focus on getting better without the stress and anxiety we'd be under without this helping hand.
The coming months aren't going to be easy. Recovery is tough but the overall pain has been eased by many of the people listening and I can't thank you enough.
I will try and stay in touch as much as I can. Until then take care and much love
Jeppy xxx

Juuno’s delightful adventures

What We've Been Doing:


Hello Sweeties!

Here's my audio for this week! :)

Sending much love and huggles to all the CAW family!

<3 Leeta

Mounts to keep for later
500 chocolates - level 20


Screenshot 2016-04-02 09.33.42.jpg
Who is this?
Screenshot 2016-03-31 07.21.05.jpg
Screenshot 2016-03-30 07.27.47(2).jpg
Screenshot 2016-03-26 05.17.53.jpg
Screenshot 2016-03-30 06.19.57.jpg
Screenshot 2016-03-26 17.22.25.jpg
Screenshot 2016-03-27 12.20.59.png



ReeeeeDiculously cool mount !!


A kind offer

Death by Pizza Delivery

Never seen THAT before
Let Death not be my last Battlefield !

I hate this screen …. IJS

Who da man ?
Constraxx, Hatespark, and the Traveler’s Tundra Mount Contest  !!


Blame the minion


Good day Ctrl Alt WoW crew! Kep the GNOME Mage here! Very long time listener and second time writing in! (I only mention this as I know Varishna enjoys this opening line! Haha). Glad to see/hear he’s back! (I know i’m a little behind, but I pretty much had a 6 month break from WoW. Worse 6 months of my life!! (Only joking). I was very busy with university, assignments, hospital practice placements and planning my wedding!. My (new) wife and I tied the knot on the 27th February 2016! It was a wonderful day! :)
Anyway, since I last wrote in I have managed to obtain the Ashes of Alar, Onyxian drake, the Corrupted Dreadwing, Deathtusk Felboar, the Armored Razorback, Warsong Direfang, Sapphire Riverbeast, all the garrison mounts ...AND the Sea Turtle mount which dropped for me after completing a garrison naval mission! (I was VERY happy with that, as the drop rate is something crazy like 0.2%!).
I have also obtained the ‘Salty’ title, ‘the Beloved’ title and the (harder) title of ‘the INSANE’ (now that was a grind!!) ...Oh, and I hit gold capped! And well on my way to doing it again!  

I am currently farming Invincible’s Reins and am about to start farming Mimiron’s Head. I am also thinking of starting all the Nemesis quests on my Gnome and Goblin Mages (for the PVP titles). Although I can see this as being a LONG slog, but will be worth it; when Legion hits these titles will pretty much become impossible to get, so best get started ASAP!
I have currently gone Mage alt crazy! I now have 7 Mages (x4 level 100’s, an 87, a 73 and a level 20) all on Argent Dawn EU. I just leave my other 90+’s and 100’s on Garrison resource and gold mission farm - which is a great little money earner!
Anyway thought I’d write in and share some useful info and tips on random objects and things I have discovered :)
1. You can farm a very quick and easy x100 honor points just by completing the 2 weekly quests in Winter Grasp.
2. By fishing up and eating Felmouth Frenzies in Tananananan you acquire an hour long buff which releases a volley of fel bolts when attacking an enemy (a nice little buff I discovered by accident). And it looks pretty cool too! (Can also be bought and sold in the AH).
3. For the title of the ‘Field Photographer’ there is a plugin for handy notes which marks all the selfie areas with a little camera icon, making it A LOT easier to find all the places.
4. Keep and eye on the chat channels for portals and guild signatures; people pay crazy amounts for these things, varying from 10 gold to 300+ gold. A great, quick and easy money earner.
5. If you collect the ‘The Peon’s Mining Pick’ treasure from Spires of Arak it gives you a mining buff: reducing the mining time of Ores in Draenor to 1.7 seconds, stack this with the ‘Preserved Mining Pick’ you find in the carts within your garrison mine and it takes garrison mining down to 0.2 seconds!! You can FLY through the mine in no time, making this super useful when doing it on many alts!
Back with some more tips soon! ...Ish
Kep: Gnome Mage of the Fat Frog Conspiracy - Argent Dawn (EU) and Kuhok: Goblin Mage of the Blood Dog Company - Argent Dawn (EU). And MANY alts!
P.S. Thank you Aprillian for the tip of using the Addon ‘Explorer coords’ what a great and useful addon for exploring! *thumbs up*
P.P.S. Sad to hear Leeta and Rogueslayers have departed, but I am very happy to hear some old cohosts back!
Thanks, Kep.

One of us ?

Can I join your guild on earthen ring -Us please.

I'm 54, started playing wow towards the end of bc, when my children nagged me buy it.
I got hooked levelling my daughters warlock and are playing long after they moved on to games like lol.

I have 11 100's on the oceanic realms, always surprised I have not hit the 50 char limit on my active account and 3 or 4 inactive.

Someone was talking about a casual raiding group on Friday nubes... Which I would be interested in. I have never understood raiding ... Why spend hours hitting you head on the same boss when you could be levelling another alt?



Raiding for Beginners episode 466
Hello Aprillian, Tedrah, Marzana, Grand Nagus, Vrishna, The Big G, ChatRoom, etc. (omissions are not intentional)

I don't know if I will be able to attend in the chatroom, super busy at work, I feel Vrishna's pain for the 60 hour work week, I don't work quite that much, but I'm in traffic a lot so it's very draining some days.

I hope you've had a super fun week, I've leveled my Human monk to level 80 to have a spare alchemist (my 3rd one) on Thorium Brotherhood and when I was talking in trade chat with a GM he asked me to join his guild and give him my battle tag on horde side.  I'm slightly mistrustful, I try to have a conversation that is meaningful with the person before I exchange RealID, I've been burned on occasions so I told him I would make a tauren druid and join his guild only on that character.  I explained that I am wealthy on that server and need nothing from his guild bank, only occasionally some crafting or smelting of ore on the horde side, I find that a lot of GM are really hardcore into recruiting but less interested in helping other guilds and since it is kind of end of expansion for a lot of people, they are just trying to make sure their guild survives until Legion starts.

I've never leveled a druid past level 12, since I had nearly every slot pimped out in heirlooms the first 10 levels were a lot of fun, and the look of the tauren on the character creation was perfect except for the nose ring, I picked a different nose and it was really good to look at.  I'm on a connected realm and all my slots are used up on thorium brotherhood so I made the druid on Farstriders which is connected auction house and guilds and banks and everything.  I picked a popular name and you can guess what happened next.  I hopped on my Troll shaman to mail myself some gold and I Mailed some Undead rogue with the same name on the other server 3000 gold.  Curse my fatigue I did not check the spelling or the realm extension and away went the gold into the nether.  I looked up the rogue on the armory, it says he's inactive for sometime, my only hope to get the gold back is that he stays inactive for another 29 days and the mail return works at that point, pretty sure the guy will just take the gold if he logs in before, thinking it's an auction house sale. Lesson Learned !!!

I submitted an Audio as well, it's about 6 minutes, kind of on the long side I hope you find it useful in your adventures.

Don, a.k.a. Constraxxone

Busy week ahead
So this week has been quite productive managed to play plenty of Herthstone and managed to play the new Nova expansion mission one it's awesome. Sorry for the lack of audio it's just the upcoming week will be brutal I have plenty of junk mail to deliver plus a trip back home mid week so yer it's going to be fun. Hope you all have a great show and week shout out and hugs to Juuno who lost a furry family member this week.

For the horde

For the alliance

For the Sandgrophers

And for all we have lost in the last year  
Big G

Hello everyone,

My girlfriend is insisting to switch of the lights as it's getting late here and tomorrow we have a trip planned. I have quickly put down for you a few lines about my week in WoW.

I went raiding again with my crazy LGBT guild and I finally managed to raise my characters item level to 720. I am an uber healer now and nothing can stop me :P
We also did a guild run for this week's event Draenor mythic dungeon.
My Legendary ring is upgraded to 738 after killing Archimonde for the second time on heroic. Still got a few runs until max level 795.
Crystallized Fel drops from Archimonde on Normal, Heroic, or Mythic difficulty after you have obtained the legendary ring. This will let you upgrade your ring +3 item levels per week, up to ilvl 795 max. You can also purchase ring item level upgrade in Tanaan Jungle from a vendor for 1250 valor points.

Did not had much action this week in game besides 1 raid and 5 mythic dungeons. I am slowly preparing for legion most of the time. Clearing my garrison resources, filling up guild banks with transmog gear and stocking up on items which might turn into toys in Legion.

Here is a little list for those interested in collecting a few items from Draenor that might turn into toys. Get the Add-on HandyNotes DraenorTreasures for this.

Toy Name
Provided by
Frostfire Ridge
Alliance: Jonathan Stephens
Horde: Moz'def
Shadowmoon Valley
Shadowmoon Valley
Shadowmoon Valley
Shattrath City
Skyreach (Heroic Dungeon)
Tanaan Jungle
Tanaan Jungle
The Everbloom (Heroic Dungeon)
Tanaan Jungle

Grand Nagus mentioned in last week's episode the Warcraft Chronicles book. After hearing everyone talking about it so much, I immediately ordered it on Amazon. Unfortunately the paperback version takes 3 weeks to be delivered here in Germany :((. eBook would have been instant, but I do want to have physical book for the awesome art.

How was April 1st for everyone? Did you get fooled or have you fooled anyone?

P.S. All the best to Junno! poor thing her cat died :((

Have a nice Sunday all! Will catch up with the show on Monday on my way to work.


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