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Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 737 - Microsoft Owns Bobby Now

 Recorded Sunday, January 23, 2022 2000

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 737 - Microsoft Owns Bobby Now

Aprillian, Constraxx, Grand Nagus and guest hosts discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's greatest MMORPG. The show features audio segments and email submissions from our lovely listeners. Guild Round up from Constraxx.

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This week in WoW:


(MICRO)HOLIDAYS :            


ENDING Tuesday (reset) : Timewalking Lich King  

                                     PvP Brawl Gravity Lapse  

BEGINS Tuesday (reset): Torgast: Beasts of Prodigum

                                  Pet Battle Bonus Event

                                  PvP Brawl: Comp Stomp



Microsoft bought ABK.

Great chance taken, given the problems ABK are in.

OW2 and D4 delayed because the buyout could result in a XBox only console launch?

Sources say Microsoft approached ABK in Nov ‘21 and the Q3 earnings call announcing the delay happened on Nov. 2nd

Bobby to leave if and when the deal goes through.

FY 2023 for ABK starts in July and Bobby’s contract ends then too, it would seem.

Why do you get the upgrade as a top level player?

Why don’t the other difficulties not get an equal chance to complete their conduits?

10.0 announcement soon?

Leak and encrypted content could be that.

FFXIV Patch 6.08, third patch of Endwalker implemented on Jan. 25th

What We've Been Doing:



Two Battle for azeroth dungeons on Goblin Rogue Earthen Ring US, Dense sharpening stones, Heirlooms enchanted gear, topping or 2nd place on the meter during most fights, dropping to 3rd on trash pulls because range can engage from a distance to start their dots.  We wiped on 4th boss I think the healer pulled threat and the tank ignored the trash on the boss pull, in any case the healer bailed and we got a group going again in less than 5 minutes.

Exalted with Clan of Darkness doing quests at Darkmoon Faire.  Mining in Silithus to improve classic Blacksmithing with Daprishnah for a faster flight.

Sold 3 arcanite bars for 2400 gold, about 2000 gold profit since I had most of the mats already and the arcane crystals were only 60 gold each.

Sold 5 Goldthorn = 525 gold

Sold 185 Stormvine = 3145 gold

Bought 900 death blossoms (12 gold each)  to start inscription = roughly 14k spent

Spent about 4k on tranquil ink, rare drop.

Tome of Small Sins dropped from a cache, requires 80 renown with Venthyr.

Grand Nagus

Not my intention to say MS bought ABK to fix it.

Sprout video of the week: My FFXIV UI Setup | HUD Tips & Tricks + Job Change Menu!

Got a Orchestrion as a reward for a Retainer Venture, i can have my own music in my apartment now.

Started the second chapter of the Endwalker MSQ. Already love the story of it.

Yoshi-P really knows how to tell a story.



Each week GrandNagus takes a closer look at some of the most useful World of Warcraft addons out there.

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Guild Updates: January 9 - January 23



Matarosa (15th)

Mataroza (14th)

Mattarossa (23rd)

Matarrishna (23rd)








Last week’s 60’s: Lippizik hit max level this week.

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  Mataroza and Dabigscore have earned this achievement.

Time Flies When You’re Having Fun:

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