Monday, January 15, 2007

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 005 Are You Prepared?

Segment I. What’s Going On
A. I took a trip to California for MacWorld. Tried to do last week’s podcast in a train station, not a good idea. Was going to do this one on the train but learned from my mistake.
B. Just to familiarize those who didn’t listen to the first couple of podcasts or who might not remember, I divide my podcast into chapters, this way you can easily move back and forward within the podcasts. The segments are:
No. 1. What’s Going On – this one
No. 2. WoW News
No. 3. Alt Round Up – I did have the Burning Crusade Beta in the line up but now that it’s about to go Gold, any discussion about BC will just fall into the normal layout.
No. 4. Server Shoutout – Listeners can email me and mention their guilds or just say hello
No. 5. In the House – How WoW affects you at home and how your home affects your WoW.
No. 6. Favorite Places in WoW – discusses little things about WoW that anyone can share, things that normally go unnoticed.
No. 7. Emails, when and if I get any.
No. 8. Closing thoughts about the show
C. There was a patch last Tues Jan 8th that made some changes
No. 1. Ore now stackable by 20
No. 2. Add Ons need to be updated- the two main ones I use were updated
1. Titan Panel
2. SellValue
3. Found a new one while I was on Curse Gaming– List My Junk

Segment II. WoW News
A. Stores will be open at midnight on Monday night/Tuesday morning to sell the Expansion pack
B. I patched to 2.04 but I guess there was a 2.05 version that caused some havoc.

Segment III. Alt Round Up – All Alts transferred to Baelgun except for one on each account. There were some glitches that caused delays, but the blues on the WoW forums said they were working on it.
A. Who’s Doing what
No. 1. Treshel
No. 2. Prilfire gathering in Badlands
No. 3. Pryl in Westfall
No. 4. Rilfire headed to Undercity to purchase a Guild Charter from the Guild Master there. She’s going to start Ctrl Alt WoW. Aprillian was going to do it, but she’s stuck in the transfer queue. This means, for those who don’t already know, after she purchases the Guild Charter from the Guild Master for 10 silver she has to find 9 other unique accounts to sign the charter and then she’ll have a guild. By unique I mean only one alt from any account can sign, so you can’t make a guild by having you and your nine alts sign it. So, if you don’t have 9 people all ready to join your guild, it involves running around asking total strangers to sign, usually you offer them 50 silver. Some will ask for more, some will do it for free. Once you have the 9 names, you go back to the Guild Master and register your guild and then you will have a guild with guild chat and you will be the Guild leader. Most of the people you’ve asked to sign your charter will leave. Which is okay, because I just wanted the guild because I like having all of my alts in the same guild because it makes it easier to keep track of them and automatically makes their names come up in the mailbox to entry line when you start typing the first few letters.
B. Ideas/Discussion
No. 1. Your First Alt. An alt, by definition, is a backup to your main character. What generally happens is you make a character and run around learning how to do stuff. Then you either start running out of space in your bags and inventory, or you need something you can’t make and don’t want to pay a lot for on the Auction House, or you want to try another class. In fact, you might find one of your alts becomes your main.
No. 2. The Banker Alt – some call this alt their mule

Segment IV. Server Shout out
A. Baelgun
No. 1. From Whom
No. 2. Aprillian
B. Server

Segment V. In The House – Discussing what is going on in our real lives that has been affected by playing World of Warcraft
A. My Trip to MacWorld – laptop data plan with Cingular
No. 1. Played Sims 2 when out of signal range
B. Trains late – wanted to try to get back home by Monday night, drove me crazy

Segment VI. Favorite Places/Things about WoW
A. Stormwind
No. 1. don’t like all the bridges
No. 2. But maybe it’s because I’m Horde
B. Burning Crusade – new places – send email

Segment VII. Email –
A. Still looking for some
No. 1. - email
No. 2. - website/blog
No. 3. - podcast site
Just checked my email and Zeam from the Frostmourne server writes “hi aprillian just dropping a line to say that i enjoy listening to your showand keep it up.” Thank you Zeam for my first email.

Segment VIII. Closing Thoughts
A. Burning Crusade
No. 1. Going to be awesome
No. 2. Learned my lesson about audio quality

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