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Episode 6 - Were You Prepared?

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 006 – Were you prepared January 20, 2007
Segment I. What’s Going On
A. Can I have your attention please -
B. Installing and running Burning Crusade – success
C. My train was late into Chicago, Amtrak was nice, they put us up in a hotel, but that meant I wouldn’t be getting home on Monday night as I planned. I would have had just enough time to get in line at Ebgames and pick up the 2 copies I had reserved. So Sunday night I’m stuck in Chicago trying to figure out how to get my copies of BC. I would be on the train for almost 24 hours once I left Chicago Monday night, so there would be no way to get it. Could I ask my husband to go to Ebgames Monday night and stand in line? I don’t think so.
No. 1. Very very painless. The installation took went pretty fast. Four disks, a 163 mb patch, then a 4.3 mb patch and then that opening screen
No. 2. I started a blood elf and of course the starting area was jam packed. But there was no lag and it was like Time Square on New Year’s Eve. People were dancing and flirting and laughing to try out all the new emotes.
D. I was able to mail items to my Burning Crusade character and invite her to the guild from a character on the non updated side.
E. I don’t have an alt over 55, so no Outlands for me. I was excited about getting my 47 Hunter Leatherworker over 300. I went to the Tribal Leatherworker trainer in Strangethorn Vale and picked up some new recipes but it turns out to go over 300, she has to go to Outland and find a Grand Master Trainer in, yep you guessed it, Outland
F. Burning Crusade – A success in my book

Segment II. WoW News
A. Topping the 8 million mark
B. Server Splitups

Segment III. Alt Round Up –
A. Who’s Doing what
No. 1. I’ve been mostly busy with the twins, Zee and Pril, brother and sister Blood Elves, same coloring and hair. Zee male rogue and Pril female hunter. They’ve been leveling mostly in Eversong Woods. One thing I like to do is sometimes grab the first profession handy. This way they can begin to make stuff and then unlearn it and learn the ones they really want. So Pril got alchemy from that alchemist at the party at Saltheril’s Haven and Zee got herbalism there as well. So he was able to pick up some bloodthistle. He had already gotten Jewelcrafting from the trainer in the inn in Falconwing Square in the Ruins of Silvermoon. I got them both up to 10 and Pril got pet taming, there’s a quest at Farstrider Retreat, not to be confused with Farstrider Square, which is in Silvermoon.
No. 2. Rilfire got the guild and turned it over to Aprillian (was able to get Aprillian again on Alleria) and she designed the new tabard, an octopus representing the many alts.
No. 3. Rilfire made a couple of things, ironfeather
No. 4. Pryl in Westfall
No. 5. Illia making money –
No. 6. Sent a 3 storage alts to Silvermoon City via the Translocator in UC – Aranxcha, Miasha and Theeo (actually Theeo’s a level 17 but he also had all the cooking supplies for leveling cooking) . They were able to help better leather pants and shirts, some weapons and supplies.
No. 7. Sent Rillia my level 36 Rogue Blacksmith/Enchanter to give a couple of boosts. Particularly speed to boots. But it’s kind of tricky with two accounts. Rillia is on the account with Zee so she could enchant Pril’s stuff, but not Zee. Zee’s stuff had to be traded to Pril, echanted by Rillia and then traded back to Zee. Ooh and Rillia had over 30 bars of silver so she gave a bunch to Pril to give to Zee and now Zee
No. 8. So now Zee and Pril are pretty set up, nothing to special but a few enchants and nice gear and they are out questing heading towards Ghostland, a few quests in Tranquillium and then back to Silvermoon City when I decided Pril needs Ressan the Needler as a pet. So they both went through the Translocater and out into Trisfal Glades where they picked up some quests in Brill and headed into the forest. The first time Pril died trying to tame Ressan and Zee ran away so they wouldn’t have to kill him. Then when she came back, she tamed him the second time and now she’s been hunting with them doing the Brill quests. I’ve got pix on the web site
B. Ideas/Discussion
No. 1. If you can’t have two accounts, just be sure to send anything you might need enchanted to your enchanter before you equipped it if it’s bind on equip
No. 2. I was able to get an alt from sunstrider Isle to Fairbreeze Village at level 1 without her coming in to contact with any mobs. Of course a lot of this had to do with all of the activity. So right now might be a good time to get a bank in Silvermoon city. Also, with the translocater from UC to Silvermoon City, an undead bank might work as well.
No. 3. Create follow macro and place in the same number slot for every following character. Have the following alt complete the no. of collection quest first, that way the leading one can still identify the quest drops

Segment IV. Server Shout out
A. Alleria
No. 1. To Kokoh
B. Silverhand
No. 1. Server splitup

Segment V. In The House – Discussing what is going on in our real lives that has been affected by playing World of Warcraft
A. Lots of people taking off from work and school
B. I almost panicked when I realized my train was going to be delayed in to Chicago. I was constantly watching the times we arrived and I had to hold back on pestering the train crew. Then I started calculating taking the bus to New York, which would have been about a 24 hour bus ride and then catching a train from there, just to get home by Mon night.

Segment VI. Favorite Places/Things about WoW
A. Eversong Woods
No. 1. It’s really pretty, I love two sides to Silvermoon City
Segment VII. Email –
A. See below.
B. Still looking for some
No. 1. - email
No. 2. - website/blog
No. 3. - podcast site

Segment VIII. Closing Thoughts
A. Burning Crusade
No. 1. A couple of good reviews on iTunes
No. 2. Trying to stay focus but would like some more feedback

Hi, i like the show a lot. I have been playing WoW for about 7 months and have gotten hooked on it just like everyone else, but it had become kind of a vice for me because it eats in to my free time so much. I was on the verge of deleting my level 60 and all of my alts and leaving the game for good. But on the day that i was going to do it i met a level 18 warlock, named Yosie, in west fall while playing on my priest alt for the last time (or so i thought). She sent me a random group invite and asked me if i would like to quest together, so i decided to use my 60 for one last good deed before it got deleted and got on Nidus (my 60 main). I helped her finish her quests in west fall, since I am a fire mage this was an easy task for me (AoE FTW). We had fun and chatted about our real lives and about WoW, it turned out that she had only been playing for 2 weeks. In return for my good deed she gave me a guild invite to , which is the guild I am in now and its the best guild i have ever been in, and i was very grateful. The next day we grouped again and had even more fun together, I helped her get her Sucubis quest done and had fun joking around and talking in the party chat. Sadly Yosei deleted her character, but the fun that i had those 2 days made me realize that WoW is more then a video game its a social experiment and that i was part of a global community. So i made a New Years resolution to keep playing WoW but in moderation, so instead of deleting my 60 i just deleted my alts. I enjoy your podcast and i hope you don't get discouraged, your part of a global community too and you should make sure your voice is heard even if its not the loudest.

Nidus - level 60 mage

Silver Hand

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