Sunday, January 7, 2007

Episode 4 - The Road to Burning Crusade

The Road to Burning Crusade

I want to apologize for the quality of this podcast. I had to record it using my iPod and a Belking Tunetalk in a crowded train station. I actually did a version of the show before I left on my trip to San Francisco for MacWorld, but I didn't save it and I lost it all. I was kind of rushing because I had a 10pm train to catch. When I got to my next city and had a 7 hour layover, I decided to put together a podcast and get it out there. The first part was in the train station, but then I wanted some good internet access and found 2 hours for $2.95 at McDonald's. I spent 4 hours recording and putting it together. I tried really hard not to record when there was obsessive noise. I hope it wasn't too bad. Thanks for listening.

A. Preparing for the Burning Crusade
i. Most upper level folks have been grinding I suppose but I’ve been gathering materials. Level 41 Hunter Treshel is mining her heart out. Level 10 Alliance is mining copper so she can send to my new Dranei, then she will be deleted. I feel kind of guilty knowing she’s working so hard only to be “killed” off.
ii. Took my 52 into Azshara to do Hunter Quest – Very hard and challenging solo but it was worth it. Found the limit of riding through mobs
B. After listening to some other podcasts about World of Warcraft, I realized I needed to cover the “why I play World of Warcraft” subject. I’ve touched on how I’ve come to play it, with some friends from Second Life, but I never really elaborated on why I love it so much.
1. My history in gaming:
a. A little Magic the Gathering. Mostly computer games. Hitchhiker’s Guide Text game. Played a version of Dungeons & Dragons on a DOS computer. Loved the quest.
b. Arcade Games Pacman in Japan, Centipede, Missile Command, Asteroid House of the Dead II – Going through the same game trying to do better. In HOD2, I knew which monsters were coming from where and when to get ready. It was repetitious but challenging.
c. A-Train, Sim City, Deus Ex, Marathon (the whole series)The Sims, Quake 3, TSO and the Second Life,.
2. I love virtual worlds. There is something very attractive about a place I can visit just by logging in on my computer. I loved playing Marathon and Quake 3. I played Quake 3 with a friend. She was in NY and I was in DC and we’d set up a server and played the game from start to finish. It was so much fun. We both had earpieces from our cell phones and we talked to each other. Being on my computer and interacting with another person was so much fun. The Sims were great because there were all the other aspects of interactivities, and this led to TSO, which was fun because of the interactions with other real people. Second Life was an awesome eyeopener because you could personalize and build. 3. But when I tried WoW and I found it had all the elements of the games I most loved. It had quests, like Quake 3 and Marathon, with the grouping aspects and virtual online like TSO and SL, along with the creative aspects and personalization. Alts brings with it the whole D&D game/Sims game
iii. Played my alliance character – 2 funny things happened both in Fargodeep Mine in Elwynn Forest
1. I came upon a player just standing in one of the tunnels. He was being attacked by two Kobold Tunnelers and he was going down. I took the two mobs down and was going to keep going, Pryl was farming copper. But then I realized some more mobs would be spawning, so I stayed nearby. I sent him a whisper telling him to wake up. After about 5 minutes he was back and fighting. A few min later he whispered a thanks back to me and said he had to chase his kid. I told him I thought as much and was glad to help.
2. Later, as I was mining, another behind me and tried to mine the same one I was mining. I don’t mind sharing but I could tell on the mini-map there was another node just a few feet ahead into the tunnel and this person seemed to be trying to sneak in. When I’m questing with a party, we usually take turns to get the exp, because if I hit it once and another miner hits it once, we both will get a point of exp. But this guy almost seemed to be hitting it as I was hitting to take it from me. I just laughed to myself and he ran ahead and got the next one after killing some mobs. I went ahead and killed a bunch more and got another node. Then I got a whisper that said “don’t take all the copper, I need some”. I kind of chuckled at that and said, “we all need copper, hon” and he wrote “yeah, but don’t take it all.” Now I’m perplexed and I said “so if I see some copper, I’m suppose to run by it?” I wasn’t trying to be mean, the nodes in Fargodeep respawn fairly quickly, so there was no danger of my “taking all the copper”
Check the website more often, on 1/5/07 there were Burning Crusade and the Special Edition for sale on the the website.
New realms opening up with Character Transfers
A. Heading to MacWorld on the Train. Hoping Blizzard is there.
A. Bloodthistle
B. Translocator in Undercity still working. I took my 8 Troll to Silvermoon City, she spoke with Defiler Emissaries and I got the message she was neutral with the Defilers. I don’t know what she was before but I’m sure that will come in handy
C. Dranei tail
Azshara – Beaches to Mountains.
VII Emails please
VIII TIPS AND HINTS Rest in Inns or major cities earns you bonus points
Ctrl Alt WoW

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