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Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 193 - I Feel Like Gilligan

Aprillian, Ashayo, Virshna and Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a month free of WoW or a $10 iTunes Gift Card or an Authenticator.

What We've Been Doing:

Invite to KS

Goblin starting area with heirlooms dual boxing is fun

Aprillian & Vrishna
Goblin Starting area
Triple boxing for the win ! Cata up on 2 clients. Waiting for my NEXT RAF to upgrade that account.




Email #1 from Manbone

Hi CAW folk,

Manbone here.

Twitter just does not have enough words to convey, well just about anything.
My tweet about the show was in regards to the chat at the start of the show.
It was a vague reference to metatalks (I have listened Jeppy) being recorded in binaural. I was thinking if CAW was recorded that way, having 4 people talking at the same time and trying to come out of the headphones in 4 different places would have been to much for my brain to handle.
Thats it. Next time I will just tweet what a great show it is because, as usual it was a great show.

thanks for your time and sorry for the confusion.

Manbone. PoH. Jubb Jubb

ps. Where was the skinning trainer?

Email #2 from Brew Dawg

Hope y'all are doing well. Thanks for reading my e-mail last week.

I wanted to clarify that my hunter's Lich King kill was on November 11, eight months after hitting 80. I didn't get there overnight it took a fair amount of work and the help of many guildies.

The thrill of finally overcoming a boss together with friends after working on it for weeks is what raiding is all about. Loot is just a means to an end.

Like so many things I think there is a perceived barrier to raiding. If you can tank, heal, or contribute meaningful DPS in the ICC 5 mans you have the skills needed to raid. It's just a matter of finding a group of like-minded folks jumping in and doing it.

Y'all joke that Ashayo is the only host providing content but I've picked up great tips from each of you. I run a lot of battlegrounds and 5 mans so I out-level zones long before I complete them or in some cases before starting them. Whenever y'all talk about something I think sounds cool in the game I go check it out. An example is the log ride in Grizzly Hills. Neither of my 80s did any questing there outside of kissing the frogs for the Argent Tournament. I would have never known it was there if it hadn't been mentioned on the show.

This past week I have enjoyed the break from raiding. Ran a bunch of randoms with Treaul, got him to exalted with Bilgewater and picked up a three-wheeler. It doesn't seem to scale so he looks like an teen-ager sitting on a Big Wheel. I even rolled a Disco Priest and started to level him, my first healer.

I wouldn't mind having a couple more weeks to sit back and play in the new
world. Come Tuesday the push to 85 starts followed by rep grinds and

I would like to give a shout out to my raid leader Delthan. Del went AFK
over a month ago with no warning. Always a person you can rely on I was
concerned for his health. Sure enough we found out recently he had spent
much of that time in a hospital ICU. He is slowly recovering. I was thrilled to see him in game for a little while over the weekend. I wish he could have been with me on my Lich King kill. Thanks to Eade for the invite to join his team and finally get him down.

Well I've given y'all a wall of text. I hope everyone enjoys the opening of the new world.

Brew Dawg

PS: It was cool to see that Aprillian, Iceflow, Caoboi, and Brewdawg are all in Verandus. Alea Iact Est E Pluribus Unum!

Email #A from Caoboi & Iceflow

Hey CAW Crew,

Somehow I will try to fit all of the Cataclysm goodness into one email without taking up an hour. This will focus mainly on our mains as there is so much to do in this expansion.

Alea Iacta Est had to break up into smaller co-guilds since they were too big for Blizzard to handle. Our raid group ended up in Alea Iacta Est Verendus. Verenedus means to be regarded in awe or reverence. I really like the seamless mod that our officers created to get everybody assigned to the correct guild and getting the across guild chat mod to work correctly.

Caoboi and I picked up two collector's edition at midnight on Tuesday and promptly logged in with minimal problems at 3 am. We immediately bought flight training in orgrimmar and started off in Hyjal. No spoilers but the craziness of having to do quests with 100s of other people competing with you is awesome! Some of the respawn rates are really slow and others are really fast. It almost felt like a race to 85.

We sped through Hyjal and went off to Darkholme. We totally loved that zone and even though it felt like we were questing there forever, it didn't matter. I loved doing quests with Caoboi and I loved talking about all the quests with my raid group through vent. After we did a lot of quests in Deepholme, we couldn't find anymore but we hadn't got the achievement for all quests completed yet. We were concerned but it was happening to everybody else as well. So we decided to go on and start questing in Uldum. Later we found out that it was a bug and Blizzard retroactively gave people their achievement quests for Deepholme.

Moving onto Uldum was a great choice. I loved the Egyptian quality to the zone and both Caoboi and I felt like we were actually playing an RPG. That's a zone I will look forward to visiting again with our alts. After doing all the wonderful quests in Uldum, we moved to Twighlight Highlands and while there, we dinged 85. It was a great feeling and now I feel like I can really being exploring everything that Cataclysm has to offer.

Both Caoboi and I have been running all the new dungeons in Cataclysm and we like them a lot. They take some thought, they are beautiful, and are definitely worth the wait. We have done both heroic Halls of Origination and Blackrock Caverns and they feel like a raid. It was nice seeing the guild achievement earned as well.

We are having fun right now doing archeology, getting our rep up with factions, and doing dailies. Flying over Azeroth is amazing and that's how you can truly see the destruction that Deathwing has rained upon the land. Well I don't want to take up too much more of your time.

I hope everyone has a lot of fun and here's to you getting killed by Deathwing in the old world. You all want that achievement don't you? :)

For the horde,

Iceflow and Caoboi

Email #3 from Gravenau


Audio from Zebestes

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