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Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 194 - Overwelmed

Aprillian, Ashayo, Virshna and Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a month free of WoW or a $10 iTunes Gift Card or an Authenticator.


Hello darlings! Again, I'm so sorry I missed last ep! Didn't even realize I'd missed it at first...hehehee. But I hope you're all doing well and that you have a great holiday!! =D

Big snowy hugs!


Forgot to roll last week, will have to roll twice this week. Also, must talk about prizes!!!!!
What We've Been Doing:

Finally got Shucks off of that island, took her into RFC & forgot to get her a tabard. There's a quest to go to the flightmaster, probably why
Got Shucks to 14 9/10ths and had Deellaa give her levels up to 19. Then she turned in some quests and dinged 20. I wasted over an hour trying to figure out where she got her trike. Luckily she had the Sparkly pony. Finally figured out the Goblin Slums

Started a worgen pair. Third cata account can't start anymore. Too many characters, guess it's time to ....

Cooking dailies give RAF xp

RAF Cata dilemma

Level 4 Guild
Aprillian & Vrishna
We finally got OFF the Island. Hey ? What's up with the REALLY low perspective for the darn Goblins. Crazy XP for Herbing and Mining etc.
Leesa and Breesa get Simply Abominable and Oh Metzen ! Spent days trying to find cookies. Went to several cities and several Smokywood Pastures vendors to no avail. Finally googled it. Was very spoiled last year because of Aprillian.


- Mnt Hyjal ; ding 82
- Stonecore - rough on healers
- Jub Jub queues still there - 500 at 5pm on a sunday

- Leveled Mining to 525 just on obsidium ore - got 39% into level 80 (657400)

- Ding 82 doing ToT with DwP
- Vortex Pinnacle
- Questing in Deepholm
- Tip - don't hand in "On even ground" till you have done "Crumbling Defenses" - the npc's you are helping might be fighting an elite you need to trip up

- Price for mats of truegold staying the same, but price of bars dropping - significantly less profit and higher risk
- Except when it procs - 4 bars!!

- Guild achievements - 18 Abominations and kill KT in Naxx - says in the guild ach who got it

Slowly slowly catchy 85ey

Email #1 from Agi

Hello Apprillio', Vrisho, Jeppo, Juno-oh, and Ashay...oooooo.

Its Agitarsi here from Pants on head on the wonderful Jubbly Wubbly. I have been listening for about six months now and i thought it might finally be time to send an email to tell you how much I appreciate this podcast!

For about four months now, shortly after I joined PoH, I have been raiding with Paranoid (you know, The Addicted's raidgroup). After getting the Lich King down several times I figured I might try out this altaholic business you guys keep raving on about.

I'm starting to need something more; so recently I made a pair undead sisters. One a hunter, one a warrior, to check out all the nice new starting areas that blizz has kindly put in. Dubbed Wittybetty and Witlessbetty (with pet spider WitlessBarry), they set out over Tristfal Glades to explore the shiny new world. Although Wittybetty has been sleeping in the inn for a little too long.

(spoilers!) Witlessbetty and her dumb spider Barry have been trendsetting with Sylvanas up and down Silverpine Forest and throughout the Hillsbrad Foothills; blowing up ducks, infiltrating Gilneas, hunting worgen, being hunted by worgen, picking spider eggs out of live bears (gross btw, i would skip that quest if you have a weak stomach), and all sorts of other mischief.

Anyway, I better cut it off there as I am having to email from work as my internet is out at home. (bloody Australian internet! it had to die just after Clysm was released :<)

See ya! Agi - For the fireballs.

ps. Gnomes are awesome and be nice to Vrishna!

Email #2 from Xenfoo


B.F.R (Before you read) - this is long if it makes it to the podcast, feel free to slice and dice it up!

Morning C.A.W Crew!!

Well Cataclysm is upon us and all I can say is holy cow is it the expansion of expansions! And I'm not even talking about the level 80 to 85 stuff :) Well last I mailed you guys I was working on Xenfoo and getting him to 80, having started him around the time the pre-event for Cataclysm started. Well he made it to lvl 76 (if I remember correctly ;)) when I went and picked up my Cataclysm Collectors box... Then I rolled my Worgen Mage "Gruen" and went thru the Worgen starting area. Holy canoly is that the best starting zone I've seen! The immersion and depth of the quests is great. It has a good feel to it. Haven't tried the Goblins yet but they are next on my list, after I get my Druid to 85!

Yup you read that right! Oh good lord where do I start, after getting Gruen to lvl 14 I thought hmm Druid... Worgen Druid. Interesting. Oh I have an one open character slot... DONE! Having never gotten a Druid past 10 or 11, I started one just to see what happens. Well that was on Friday and in three days Praevus dinged lvl 31, and that's without heirlooms. The questing now is so smooth it's great, no more going from one end of a zone to another and back again. It's awesome. I have spec'd him Feral/Resto and I plan on running DPS or Heals when I do dungeons. Having healed on a priest, a paladin, and a Shaman I figured I'd round out my heals with a Druid. I healed into ICC on my Shaman (Thymr), never got to ol' Lichy but we got pretty far into it.

Could Praevus be my first 85? Not sure, I'm having a blast with all the new leveling redesigns and content that's for sure. I have a weakness for "alts", that is for sure! Here's a question for you, what do you feel signifies a "main"? I've got 8 80's and I don't consider them "alts" really... I feel they're all my mains really.... I play the toon that I feel like playing that day.

Well that's the end of my long, probably too long of an email!

Take care guys and gals, my Mondays always seem to fly by when I'm listening to a 3hr episode of Ctrl Alt WoW :)

-Xenfoo "player of many alts, master of none =]"

Email #A from Gabe Audio
Hello Guys,
Here's a quickie segment I made for ya. Sorry for all the gasping, forgot
to move my mouth away from the mic when I was recording... I'll try to
remember that for the next time. No contest as always.

Lots of love,

Email #B from our Favorite WoW Couple

Hello all!

Iceflow and Caoboi here again to tell you what we've been up to in game this week. Well if it was even possible, it's been more of a busy week this week than last week!

We got into a pretty good routine this week. We would come home from work and we would run our cooking, fishing, and jewelcrafting dailies. Then off to Deepholme for our dailies there. And lastly to Twilight Highland's for the dailies there. Our friends in our raid groups run them together so it makes it pretty fun.

After dailies, then it's time for heroics. At first, we were only able to run one and maybe two heroics if we were lucky. They just took so long that we just didn't have time. The other day, our group was able to run three heroics in one night which was a big accomplishment. We finished up Cataclysm Dungeon Hero for the guild which requires all the dungeons run on heroic. We felt really good about that one.

I also got my fossilized hatching out of the archaeology profession. Now to get my raptor.

On a high note, Caoboi and I did what the show is all about. We made two new alts. Goblins in fact. I made a mage called Icesprocket and Caoboi made a hunter called Kabooey. We loved, loved, loved the goblin starting area. This shows what Blizzard is capable of and I love it so much I really don't want to leave the islands yet. We've been reading the text of every quest which is a first for me. I'm enjoying it immensely and I look forward to many long hours playing my goblin mage. I love that they cast underhanded. Caoboi tamed a pet monkey and I love the sounds he makes.

Our raid group dipped our toes into raiding on Friday night. We one-shot Argaloth who is the first boss in Baradin Hold which is like the Cataclysm version of Vault of Archavon. Three of our raid members died at the end and we got it done. Our resident mage got the first piece of tier 11. We went on to Blackwing Descent but this was a little tougher than the previous fight. I'm glad we are raiding again because deep down, I enjoy that most of all. I have to say, I've missed being properly enchanted, gemmed, and reforged.

And the huge news....drum roll.......Caoboi and I have both race changed our main toons into goblins! I told myself that I wasn't going to do it when the goblin race was announced, and I kept telling myself I didn't want it. But then I saw one of my raid members as a goblin. And it got me. So now I'm enjoying my Single Ladies dance and Caoboi is enjoying his Soulja Boy Dance.

So I hope you all are enjoying a wonderful week and hope to see you in game.

Email #C from Bidcar

Woof Aprillian, Ashayo, Jeppy and Vrishna,

Aroooooooooo grrrrrrr! Bidcar still level 80 WORGEN mage on Winterhoof here. This week I race changed my human mage into Worgen. I am extremely happy with my change and gladly accepted the worgen bite that transformed my mild mannered human into a feral pile of claws and fur. Someone in game actually yelled at me for doing a race change and said I should have to level through. I told him that I had 7 level 80's and about 40 different alts and had done my fair share of leveling. Then someone whispered me and called me a nerd. Best thing ever! I had such a good laugh over that bit.

Bidkar the undead mage is only 81. I had planned to level him to 85 first, but I ended up playing Allerea the belf warlock first. She has jewel crafting and I really wanted to get the ball rolling on the jewel crafting dailies. I started leveling her and just couldn't stop. She is now 84, closing in on 85. Side note, I actually met someone in game who knew where I picked the name Allerea from. I named her after Alleria Windrunner, the sister of Sylvannas. You can see a statue of Alleria in front of Stormwind. Alleria and Turalyon went missing after Draenor broke apart. I keep hoping the two of them will show up in game again. I refuse to believe they are dead. You can see their son Arator in Honor Hold I think.

Other than that, I got all my 80's rolling in Mount Hyjal. Not too keen on water be it real or pixelated. My guess it comes from growing up on the shoreline and knowing many people who drowned. My sisters are actually even worse than I am. Irrational, yes, but what can I say, I gotta be me. I will go to the other starting zone one of these days just to take a look.

I tried Archeology, gonna throw that in the same pile as fishing and level it when I have nothing else to do. I only have fishing on two toons and it is staying that way. Does the fishing daily reward improve at level 475? I sure hope so, the shiny bag things is the most disappointing reward I have ever received, thought the skill point is nice. I suppose you need to take the turnips with the chocolate sometimes.

Speaking of disappointing, my Landro's loot card from the Collecter's Edition was Path of Cenarius. The range being Spectral Tiger the best, to me Path of Cenarius is the worst. I would rather have gotten a card saying "ha ha, you lose, love Chris Metzen". Every time someone talked about getting Path of Cenrius, I thought "I would never want to get that card". That was my first loot card I ever scratched and it will be my last. I guess it can't be Christmas every day. I can laugh about it now, but at the time my disappointment was so intense it was palpable.

Cataclysm is great, though the leveling to 85 seems to be a bit short. I'm not too worried about it though. I play my own way, not Blizzard's way, so I will find plenty to have fun with.

Happy Christmas everyone!

Bidkar and his many alts, Ruff, ruff arf!

Email #D from Gravenau

Greeting from cata 1.5 weeks in

This week in my wow no audio submission mainly because I haven’t really got anything to report on. lost a couple people at work so I have basically had very lil to no time to play how little well my goblin on underwire is yet to crack lvl 10 my hunter their also is yet to crack lvl 36 and my main and co main on khaz goroth is yet to crack lvl 81 and lvl 77 respectively so yes it’s going to be very quiet on my end for the next 3.5 weeks mainly because as work has no one else to work nights I am the man and hence I will be either at work or sleeping to go to work. So I like to wish all the CAW crew a Merry Christmas and a happy new year and to El Jeppy well mate 2 out of 3 anit bad and Aprillian my voice has been known to kill Babel fish so it’s no wonder people don’t want to try and translate it.

P.S My female Worgen hunter has a top hat which is awesome

P.P.S Do all normal English women sound like Lady Sovereign or is she like me and just has a really strong accent.

P.P.P.S The only cricket team more disliked when the aussies play them are the kiwi’s (aussie slang translation those that lie with sheep also known as New Zealanders)

Shout Outs & Thank You


Hello all,
hope you are doing well.

I am sorry for not emailing you last week. My cats ate my email! crazy huh! I know its unbelievable (I hope your buying this).
Ok truthfully I have been having so much fun in game that I could not, would not, did not! spare a square, i mean minute to write an email.
And for that I am sorry, that is bad of me, but do you really blame me, or I mean can you blame me.
Blizzard has done it again..."just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in" (spoke in your best Al Pacino impression) Not that we were ever out of it but wow, WOW!!

Where do I begin!?
Installation for the most part could not be easier (I am still having issues with my laptop, so I have concluded its my sucky dell laptop dudes).
How awesome was it to buy the game digitally, I was able to get 2 accounts going within minutes and my RAF, yes :) another RAF which I will get into.
I had also ordered the collectors edition from Amazon which arrived the next day and that is AWESOME too!!! I love soundtrack for movies and really loving game soundtracks too now (wow, starcraft, civ, just to name a few).
Deciding what to do first was hard but not really :) When I started playing wow oh so long ago my warrio motauren was my first and main character until about year or so ago when I loved most of my characters to feathermoon and my troll priest moheal became my main as I was always the healer as I enjoy healing.
So, at midnight, I log in (moheal was in org) and it was a madhouse as expected. I walked around org some more because I had not did a full city explore; trained my flying for Azeroth, tailoring, mining, first aid and logged.
Yes so exciting :) I was tired and I was actually kicked out I think as I could not log back into the game.
since December 6th my priest moheal has hit 85 :) and I was not pushing it either however I just could not stop playing the 80 zones. They are all so much fun!!
My favorite has to be Uldum, the egyptian, ancient, archeological theme is so cool and different. Reminds me of the movie Mummy, the first one. I know many hated that movie but I like it. Or of course Indiana Jones, and OMG all the parody in the game just so funny! there are so many I cannot name one right now! :)
I can tell you so much more but I will skip over many things so WAKE UP please!

As I mentioned I started my 3rd RAF in mohistory, and I cannot say how much I love RAF, the triple xp is like nothing else in game. I started 2 goblins of course, moblin the hunter who will be engineer and groblin the priest (she is name after Gretchen :)
The goblin arean, WOW just wow. Blizzard is simply amazing! I love it!!! They are only level 12 because I am on Moheal so much.

And that is it! I know, I have so much to do and see. I have not started a Worgen yet. I have not been to so many 80 zones, bg, cities. And I cannot wait to get leveling on my goblins to see all the changed zones. And of course I have all my other alts, 2 hunters at 80 I need to level and their professions of course, the poppa character of my Motauren 80 warrior, and my last raf combo, the 76 druid and mage which i want to get to 80 still.

So yes I will be busy with wow for this century fo sho!!!

Thank you as always and to Juuno (awesome job on your podcast by the way) and to emailers,
Thank you to Bidcar and Nevik on twitter, just to name a couple,
Hope you have a wonderful rest of the year and have fun with whatever you believe in and celebrate.


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