Thursday, December 30, 2010

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 195 - We're Not Digging it Man

Aprillian, Ashayo, Virshna and Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a month free of WoW or a $10 iTunes Gift Card or an Authenticator.

What We've Been Doing:

Find Herbs works with Pricklypair

Went to do a free transfer a toon off of Jub Jub, so I can start Goblin DK, couldn't transfer because of mail, only mail was 6 year anniversary.

Aprillian & Vrishna

Logging started on 12/23/2010 at 12:54:30.
13:16:49 Baron Ashbury becomes enraged!
13:21:02 King Genn Greymane says: It's over Godfrey. You have no support left among the eastern lords.
13:21:07 Lord Godfrey says: No... I'd sooner die than have one of your kind for a king!
13:44:05 Marcus says: Bloody Forsaken! They'll pay for what they've done!
13:46:33 Marcus says: This is our land -- they're not going to take it away without a fight!
13:51:57 [Kiilluu]: hi
13:53:24 [Kiilluu]: it ok i wasnt
13:53:51 Enslaved Villager says: It's true then? Even those afflicted by the Curse are fighting the Forsaken!
13:54:01 [Kiilluu]: how do you get the key
13:54:08 [Warsha]: off of the guards
13:54:12 [Kiilluu]: k
13:54:43 Enslaved Villager says: It's true then? Even those afflicted by the Curse are fighting the Forsaken!
13:55:28 Enslaved Villager says: It's true then? Even those afflicted by the Curse are fighting the Forsaken!
14:02:09 [Kiilluu]: ty
14:03:32 [Kiilluu]: ty
14:03:50 [Kiilluu]: lamw
14:04:02 [Kiilluu]: not nice you used me !@# holes
14:04:30 [Warsha]: how did we use you

14:04:36 [Kiilluu]: so it still not nice

Logging started on 12/23/2010 at 12:54:30.
14:01:57 To [Kiilluu]: want to join us to kill brothogg
14:03:33 To [Kiilluu]: thanks
14:04:15 To [Kiilluu]: you got credit

Worgens are TOO cute. Never would have thunk it could be true. Love my Worgens !

Phased areas of Gilneas.

Still can't get over the coolness of the xp for gathering professions

- Deep into Deepholm. Completed chains and opened dailies for Therazane rep. (Shoulder enchants) Also have tabard.
- Tip: There is a portal at Temple of Earth up to Therazane's Throne for dailies
- Halls of Origination
- Honored with AIE
- Good quest line leading into Twilight Highlands. Nice area - looks like Australian Gum/Eucalyptus trees, so feel at home
- Questing as a druid is cheating.. and loving it! Mushrooms that throw you in the air :)
- Crucible of Carnage, Grim Batol
- Went from iLevel 315 to 329 ; ready for heroics. Only bought two "fake" pieces - cloak and relic.
- Trying Heroic Vortex Pinnacle - so close to a wipe on Altairus - wind changing direction.

- Uldum - some great cinematics leading into the zone and the first few quests to tell the story. Quite engaging.
- BRC, Stonecore (healer dropped on last boss)
- Ding 84 in Deepholm
- Ding 85 in Uldum on quest "Premature Explosionation"
- Vortex Pinnacle
- Levelling BS. Even more ore than before -2 ore to a bar, 2 bars to a folded obsidium
- Halls of Origination - 'cept one of last bosses
- Lost City, Grim Batol

- Guild ach for speed kill on Malygos

Winters Veil - Ashariss
- AV - died before 1 kill
- Another AV , got all 50 in one go, and we won. Fun fight
- Seems lower levels got more this year?
- Got toons with 3 mechanical grinches and 3 wands of holiday cheer

- Ding 81 from mining obsidium
- can't get breadcrumb quest to get to Deepholm at 81, nor use potion, but if you get summoned, can get quests there.

Money Money Money

Email #1 from Janic

hey guys,

The last time I sent an email was 2 years ago I think. I mentioned that I was about to get into raiding. Well, for the past 2 years I did just that, I raided the entire Wrath content 5 days a week, 3 hours a night. Finally, when my guild killed Lich King, I realized how burned out I was on WoW. During BC, when I saw people in Tier6, being the first to experience all the raid content, I envied them. Now I was one of them and I hated it.

At one point I almost didn’t even have time for anything else than work and WoW.

I walked around in Westfall on my main for a bit and remembered how much I loved the atmosphere there when I leveled my first characters. The game had turned from something "I couldn't wait to get home for" into work, without me even realizing it. I stopped playing completely for half a year (I couldn't believe how much free time I had on my hands all of the sudden).

I knew that I never wanted to raid again but just leveling alts wouldn't keep me interested either.
So, I decided to completely focus on my twinks that I used to play on the side. I even bought a second account after 3 years of monoboxing, to get them the best gear possible ;) I can still have the enjoyment of minmaxing and competition without having to invest a lot of time or being on a set schedule.

I'm now leveling a troll hunter on my second account while listening to CtrlAltWoW and I'm finally enjoying WoW again like I used to several years ago.

Best regards from Germany

Email #A from Tranith

G'day CAW crew,

Just a quick email giving my thoughts regarding your discussion about
healing in cata.

Dinged 85 a week ago and spent a lot of the levelling process healing both
guild groups and pugs. Since dinging, I have healed both normal and
heroics, mainly in pugs.

Yes healing in a lot different than Wrath where the success of a 5 man
group was largey dependant on tanks and healers.

In cata, the success of a 5 man is dependant of everyone, and I think this
is the reason for healer distress. We do not have the mana pool to heal
people who don't get out of the stupid, as we prevoiusly did. I'm not
talking about unavoidable damage due to the mob's mechanics, I'm talking
about avoidable incoming damage by standing in the right spot, getting out
of the fire/gas/poison/cyclone/etc. DPS seem be struggling with this,
expecting healers to be able to save their butts like we were 3 weeks ago.

A good example is the last boss in heroic Grim Batol. In a pug where 4 of
us were there for the first time. We got a quick explanation but 1 dps
didn't quite avoid the aoe damage. I healed him through it, then found my
mana bar at 10%. Not good when the boss is still at 70% health.

Next attempt, everyone avoids incoming damage as much as possible, even to
the detriment of their dps. Boss down, my mana never went below 70%.

Just an example that stood out to me and alot of other bosses seem similar
(many bosses in vortex pinnacle).

So as a healer, I'm really enjoying the challenge. It's harder with more
wipes, but I think I've used every healing spell I have rather than the 4
spells I used in wrath.



(Don't put me in draw)

PS Please ban dps meters.

Email #2 from Dimented

Hello one and all it is me dimented again here to tell you that i now have cata. Yes thats right on dec. 19 i went to best buy and picked it up. it's been great so far i started with dimented at mount Hyjal, That place is so fun I got ganked got an a long quest chain got a noncombat pet and a few Achievements one I got was "Coming down the mountain witch is to complete 115 quests and I also got "Beware of the 'Unbeatable?' Pteradactyl" witch is complete the jousting quests in mount hyjal up to and including egg wave. and on top of that i dinged 82. I did a little on Seng he is still 80 though i might take him threw Vashj'ir just to see all of that or at least most of it. I did nothing really on "He who must not be named" Haha kinda feel like harry potter right their "We do not speak his name" lol but i did pick a few herbs and a few nodes. well thats it for now, now I am off to get lvl on seng before work Take care.. FOR THE HORDE!!

Dimented from the mighty Pants on Head Were we all wear are pants firmly upon our heads..

Email #B

New Year's Eve Episode

Hello CAW crew,

Just a quick note.
i hope that the new year eve episode is going to be just as epic as last year new year eve episode.

that one is podcast gold!!
Its still my favorite podcast episode ever!

or maybe it was just funnier in my head ;p

anyway, little present from me to you: here is a code for a lil moonkin pet:


Ps: dont count me in for the /roll

Email #3 from Mysterios & Frottola

Dear Ctrl Alt Wow Crew (Aprillian, Ashayo, El Jeppy and Vrishna),
Mysterios the priest and Frottola the warlock from the Etrigg server checking in again. It has been another great week playing WOW. We have leveled our characters from level 10 to level 30! We are both Gnomes, and completed all the quests in Loch Modan and almost all in the Wetlands.

Our great adventure for the week was our encounter with the Modan Monster in Loch Modan. We were level 16 when we were questing and we just found him while fishing. We send in Frottola's felguard and Mysterios kept him healed. We almost lost the felguard a few times and did just as the monster had about 100 life left. Now he was coming at me, Mysterios, I stuck on a shield and prepared to go hand to hand with the beast, since I did not have any mana left. After more time with DOTs and backup spells from Frottola he met his demise. Although we were not able to loot anything off him we still had that high from the intense fight.

We continue to further our professions, alchemy and engineering and selling low level mats on the market for great money. Nothing too great we can make around the 100 mark, but Frottola likes to make target dummies and confuse the baddies.

When we dinged 20 we were so excited to get mounts. A gnome warlock on a felsteeed looks funny, but at least better than a mechanostrider, clunkity clunk, sputter. Its great riding around, it really makes the quests go faster.

A misadventure that we had was trying to get north to the wetlands by going over the Stonewrought Dam. We didn’t see how far down it was and we both broke our legs and died. The next time down we used the soul stone, then I revived right where I died and then I resurrected Frottola after she jumped to her death. We found a fun way to jump down to avoid long detours we just have to jump in the right order and resurrect each other.

We really appreciate your podcast with all of the content and it keeps up so interested in the later content. That made us attempt Gnomeregan, wow a whole new side of the game, now we actually need food and drink to replenish. Your message of doing what is fun in the game had lead us to created a rouge/druid team, they are about lvl 10.

Take Care and of course, For the Alliance,

Mysterios & Frottola and our new alts

Email #4 from Empororwang

I have a question for Ashayo. Who should I cast the spell dark intent on? Another caster or the healer ? Just not really sure. Thanks for any help. Love the show.

Sent via DROID on Verizon Wireless

Email #C from Kurly

Hello!! I hope all is well!! I was hoping to send this email as an Audio submission as I have finally downloaded Audacity. This is, I hope step one in creating my own little podcast. So, if one of you all is reading it, I clearly did not record bupkiss.

So, I 100% share the opinion of being overwhelmed. As the majority of my homeguild mates on Norgannon are NOT toon-touched they are more than happy to level on, pvp with, or run instances on their main, while I, the fearless guild leader, are on one of four other servers leveling my goblin, troll druid, undead hunter, or tauren priest.....did I mention I shut off my real they couldnt track my movments....BAD KURLY!!

Anyway....after getting my Priest to level 85 I was able to dole out some whoop-arse in PVP for maybe two that the world is way ahead of me with the new uber resiliance gear I am back to getting three shot (or should I say swiped) by feral druids that seem to have thing for priests.

I was able to ZIP to level 10 on my mage in know...the guild you all are like never on.......and have also been healilng warsong gulch with Khurly me knome (in case Verishna is reading this) priest....also rolled a Pally, Awndura, I am going to use to tank and of Worgen hunter Jynja and her sidekick Freddie......get it....Freddie and Jynja....oh dear...

Love you all...many hugs...and all that jazz.



Email #D from Eranth

Hail and well-met, guildmates!

I just thought I’d drop a quick line to let you know I haven’t done much with WoW while the holidays have been in full force. Too many family things to focus on.

However, I did see a link in Twitter to a contest by Blizzard to give away free Authenticators. Well, this Monday, much to my surprise, I was surprised to have an email in my inbox from Blizzard saying I had been randomly chosen as one of the ..I think 100 winners for the day, or the hour or whatnot. Woot!

So, apparently they’ll be sending a belated Christmas gift to me in the form of a Blizzard Authenticator to my registered Battle.Net address. Very exciting! I suspect it’ll be a couple of weeks before they get them out, but I’ll let you know when it arrives and report back with an update then.

I had updated my phone over the holidays too, but unfortunately, not to a version that supports the free Authenticator App. Apparently, I’m still living in the 20th Century, not yet the 21st.

“Be well…”


Email #E from Bidkar

Hey CAW crew,

Bidkar, neglected mage Borean Tundra here.

I forgot what day it was so this is really late and probably won't make it in time, but what the hey, I can just add to it next week.

Haven't done much, I started my Worgen rogue, Furari. His name is Latin for "to steal". It was just a happy coinkydink that Furari contained "Fur". Furari is up to level 32 and having a good time. I like how linear the questing is now and there are enough familiar quests interspersed so it all still seem very comfortable.

I actually only minded one vehicle quest in all of Cataclysm so I would say they have been much improved. I don't dread them anymore like I dreaded them in Northrend. I didn't care for the one where you have to flap the wings of the hippogryph. That partly may be attributable to my wrist injury. I've been one handing it for about 2 months playing WoW.

Have a great day!

FOR THE HORDE and for the alliance and CAW!

Bidkar and a couple of his alts

Email #

Email #

Shout Outs & Thank You

Hello all,
Hope you are having a wonderful Holiday and end of the year.
As yesterday was Christmas hope you had fun and gave/received what you wanted (I know we did :)).

I have played an average time of wow this week and will have more time as I have most of next week off.

I have been able to do a few instances with my troll 85 priest moheal but not as much as I want to. Main reason is that I really do not want to do randoms as I am sure you know why. I do have to say the few randoms I have been able to do this past week, they were not that bad. A couple of them were really nice; I said as I always do now "please wait until I have full mana" and the tank/dps have! amazing. Healing has been harder at least for me but I think I am getting better. The little practice I had in ICC in trying not to over heal so much and to only heal when I have to I think helped. That is the name of the game as I see, heal when you have to and also realize not everyone will be at 100% health. It also falls upon the tank and dps to heal themselves as well. Using bandage and eating food might be a new concept to some but those little things can go a long way. Moheal is at about 321 item gear and to get into heroics 329 is needed. I was able to buy a item level 346 with my justice points, I got the head piece which looks goofy in my opinion. I was confused on what valor points are but I was told and read that you get them in heroics and raids.
In other mo news, my druid-mage pair made it to 78 and almost into cataclysm material. It has been harder to dual box them in the new content, I am assuming it is all the graphic burden on my video card. Has anyone dual boxed recently 80 content.
I will try to dual box with them but I may have to separate them and I know that will be hard on them.

For my RAF, they have made it to level 20, my goblin pair and having lots of fun. I was doing Azshara content even thought it was below their level, it was still fun. I was wondering, did I miss something but I completely missed the other zone next to Kazan. Do goblins go back to the starting area? or how can one go back? Actually I mean lost isles as I have not been to Kazan yet, or have I? Im so confused.

I was able to start a worgen while I was waiting for my other half Gretchen, why you ask? :)
well she said she wanted to do a trial of wow!
I was so excited but it took so long for wow to install on her mac that it really didnt happen, yet Im still happy.

The Worgen area was fun, it is a hard choice if I have to pick one between worgen and goblin area.
I started a Worgen Druid and leveled up to 9 and I will be starting a RAF pair. I think I will be doing a weird combo of rogue and mage. We shall see I might change my mind.
I usually like to have a heally in the pair.

Thank you as always and shout out to Juuno on her podcast, you are doing GREAT!!!

Have an awesome end of 2010 and,

FOR THE 2011!


ok my first PS,
I just realized that goblins start in kazan and than move to lost isles!!
I just had a momentary lapse of reason I guess :0

Thank you :)


Renee Valentine (@Iceflare)
12/21/10 13:11
Props to @Aprillian for naming her hunter Pet "Ahhh" (sp?) and her hunter "Shucks" loved it!

Thanks Mark

You are receiving this e-mail because Mark has purchased a Moonkin Hatchling Pet for you as a gift from the Blizzard Store!

Moonkin Hatchling Pet Pet Key:

To use this key to activate the Moonkin Hatchling Pet, simply follow these instructions:

1. Create a account (or if you already have one, log in) at
2. Verify your e-mail address. For existing account holders, click the 'verify this e-mail address' link in the main Account Management page and follow the steps. For new accounts, check your e-mail account immediately after account creation for a verification e-mail. Click the link in this e-mail to verify your e-mail address.
3. Return to the account management page, then click on [Item Code Redemption].
4. Enter the above Pet Key in the [Item Redemption Code] field.
5. Once you have successfully redeemed this code, you will be able to use the Moonkin Hatchling Pet.

We strongly recommend you keep this e-mail on file for future reference. If you have any questions about this gift or about your account, please contact our Sales, Billing & Account Services team at:

Phone: 1-800-592-5499

Live phone support is available seven days a week, 8:00AM - 8:00PM Pacific Time.


Blizzard Entertainment

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