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Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 196 - Baby, Can You Dig Your Horde...

Aprillian, Ashayo, Virshna and Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a month free of WoW or a $10 iTunes Gift Card or an Authenticator.

From Juuno

Happy New Year!

Hello Darlings! I have been on vacation...spending lots of time out at Mom's "ranch"...there's no recording equipment out there though, so I don't have an audio for you... *gasp* I know, it's terrible! But...well...holidays are all about the fam here, so...just wanted to let you know I'm having fun but I really do miss ya and I'll be back on schedule next week. I hope everyone had happy Christmases, and boxing days and I'm wishing everyone a very happy New Year!

*great big hugs*


What We've Been Doing:

Loving Archeology. Got over half a level on Shucks with just a few digs. Works with RAF!

Didn't train archeology on all ats, so went to train on Auruk & Deellaa and found that my RAF account couldn't train.

Got Shucks to 27 just doing Arch. Had to stop at 48. She was outlevelling her RAF. Decided I should be doing it on higher level toons.

Took Aprillian and Auruk Arching.

Aprillian & Vrishna


Tip: Don't forget to check Quartermasters! Even Therazane has items other than shoulder enchants (rings)

- DPS specs have talents such that spirit counts as hit.
- Dailies offered with Dragonmaw in Twilight Highlands

- Levelling inscription. Different! Mysterious fortune cards. Forged documents (24hr cooldown, starts quest, gives gold)

- Levelling archeology, got fossilized hatchling pet
- Questing in Hyjal to get Guardian of Hyjal rep
- Lost City - last boss is hard! Thrown off edge
- Started questing in Twilight Highlands to open up dailies
- Tried Heroic Shadowfang Keep - first boss is HARD

Crazy Train
- Vortex Pinnacle
- Grim Batol - watch the bridge Temp...

- Haunted Memento glitch
- Goblin - broke. Lucky I got Jingling bell for wintersveil. - 100g :)


Email #A

Worgen you like to be a Worgen too

Hey CAW Crew! On Ep. 195 Vrishna was talking about Gilnaes and how it was completely phased after the player has completed the area. You know after finishing the area with Praevus, I really miss that zone. It really blows me away that Blizz completely shuts us off from that city. As a worgen that is our "home" city! They really should have made that another major city, I understand we have Stormwind and Ironforge on Eastern Kingdoms but man Gilnaes is really a "city". It's laid out as a city would be laid out, it just seems like it would be the perfect major city.

What do you guys feel about the lack of "city" status when it comes to Gilnaes?

Well guys, happy new years and I hope 2011 is a good one for each of you!

Take care,

-Xenfoo "player of many alts, master of none =]"

Email #1 from Phobic

Well played Vrishna

Hello Aprillian, Ashayo, El Jeppy, and Vrishna, Phobic from the Rexxar realm here. Just wanted to commend you on your cast, its quite tolerable for a bunch of Alliance lovers. Who was that rather lively fellow from the end of the last episode? He made as much sense as Juno on a box of pixi sticks. Speaking of sugar, that little imp needs to get her priorities straight, I missed my fix of her this week!
I also wanted to commend Vrishna on his ore snipe, or at least the unbeknownst snipe of somebody elses. This is probably my warlock side coming out but its always fun to stealth and sit on a node only to grab it before the unsuspecting person knows what hit them. Thats still not as fun as running a max hunter over to a low area and taming some lvl 6 boar or so on and merrily hoping around till somebody unexpectantly attacks and falls into pvp....I know there must be a special place in wow hell for me some day, but to be fair I am a lock, what do you expect?
I started a new Goblin Mage named fizzlesticks and can I just say awesome work Blizzard. The new starting area is wonderful and quite entertaining. I think you touched on this in the cast but what is the deal with people and wanting to quest with you. I'm all for helping guildies and the occasional newb I take pitty on but I think I had about 15 people follow me around the starting area. I felt like the Pied Piper leading my little army of Gobs around the map. I tried to explain in a pointed yell that your map indeed shows you where to exactly go if you are we are on an island just wonder in circles you are sure to find the rocket car sitting 10 feet away!
In conclusion keep up the good work all, and I hope jeppy feels better soon.
For the Horde and this damn entertaining game!

Email #B

Hey there....MY FIRST AUDIO FILE!!!



Email #C from Garry

Hiya this is Garry sorry for the address change but the demo time on my out look has run out and I hasn't the money at the moment to upgrade to the full product come on pay day so i can. Still loveing your awesoem work and hopeing el jeppy is better this time round.

Email #D

Hi CAW Crew and Happy New Year,

I can't believe that I forgot to send in the update for Cao and I last week. With all the holiday excitement, I totally forgot. Well I hope this email will more than make up for my forgetfulness. I'm all filled up on my traditional New Year's meal of collard greens and black eyed peas so I'm ready to write.

Since I last wrote, Caoboi and I haven't been doing dailies as much as we used to since we are becoming exalted with all the reputations that we need. We only need a couple more and all rep should be gotten. We still need the gold so I try to be vigilante as much as possible.

We are still running heroics and having a blast. It's always fun running with people you know and can trust.

Caoboi has changed from his elemental spec to enhancement but he's still healing for raids. He managed to get most of the gear he needed and is loving it. Plus I like having him in melee with me. It's awesome to be there DPSing a boss and look over and see your husband.

Our raid group finally took down the first boss of Blackwing Descent, Magmaw. That was a really fun fight and I can't wait for Ashayo to experience it so he can talk about it on the show. It felt good to finally get it and I look forward to many more nights of raiding now that the holiday madness is over.

Our alts have been delegated to farming mats for our mains. We quested to get them to Deepholme and have been spending a lot of time of time flying around and around gathering mats. It becomes zen-like when you do it for a while.

Caoboi and I both have gotten the archeology mount and it's so cute. Too bad it doesn't fly but I use it every chance I get. Caoboi still works on archeology regularly so that he can get his vial of the sands. It will be awesome when he can turn into a sandstone drake and I will be able to ride him. (Clean-tag approved.)

Well, Caoboi and I hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday and a Happy New Year. Do you all make any New Year's resolutions? We try not to because they are so easily broken.

For the horde and the New Year,

Iceflow and Caoboi

Email #

Email #

Shout Outs & Thank You

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