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Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 65 - Oh Wait, We Didn't Get a Title

Episode 65- Oh Wait, We Didn't Get a Title

Arkinventory-Great alt addon - Basic set up, next week we'll go over more intense.

New Format - Cycle through various subjects? New subject in closing, what we will be talking about next week.

What We've been doing:



Spent a ton of money levelling up tailoring on Aprillian.
Triple boxed Aprillian Treshel and Auntrillia in Outland and found I really need a skinner. Rilfire, my 60 hunter is on the same account as Aprillian. I have two choices. I can transfer Rilfire or level up Ardrion, hmm.

Tuesday, I transfered Rilfire to another account. Now Aprillian can have her two hunters to back her up. The idea of leveling Ardrion 16 levels was too daunting. So now I have Rilfire, level 60 hunter skinner/lw, Aprillian 58 Warlock tailor/herbalist and Auntrillia 63 Hunter miner/enchanter. I think I have all the bases covered. I tried triple boxing in Outland thinking I would get Aprillian up to speed running her through the initial bunch of quests in Thrallmar. Unfortunately Aprilian died too many times. So we headed to Burning Steppes to practice and to be closer to Sunken Temple for Thursday night run. Aprillian needs to comeplete the Felwood Warlock quest to get the trinket to summon a warlock without a soul shard.


Triple boxed ST with Jekle. Brought Auntrillia, Aprillian and Rilfire got my trinket Abyss Shard

Friday Morning:

Made my first Primal Mooncloth bag. I had 7 Primal mooncloths, which I wait almost 4 days to make each. Primal MC takes 1 bolt of imbued netherweave 1 primal water and one primal life,Primal MC is 47g. Right now PW is 22g and PL is 17g, that's 39g, 1 bolt of imbued netherweave is 4g 37c 1 bolt of imbued nw is 3 bolts of netherweave and 2 arcane dust, 1 stack of nw is about 2.5 to 6 g and acrane dust a little under 1g apiece. You can wait ever 4 days is pay 44g or you can buy it for 47g.
Triple boxed with a guildy named Goldfen. We tried Ramparts but died a lot So then BRD, which was fun but then we ran out of time.

Saturday, weird day. Felt restless and needed to be playing wow. Needed to be "in WoW" Ever have that feeling? I had Auntrillia and Rilfire parked at BR

Sunday - went to AV with Aprillian

Another extended maintenance - no playing for me Tuesday night!

Tackling with the mages. Managing to improve crowd control - took down Knucklerot and Luzran (level 21 elites) Still missing something though.

Ashayo - RAID! More success in Serpent Shrine Cavern - Lurker down two weeks in a row now - still no purple warlock lovin' though. Decided we pretty much Gruul on farm status after we one-shotted him on a mis-pull.

Jekle - First time healing Heroic Arcatraz. Tip for noobs - if summon fails, it could be because you haven't bought the relevant heroic key off the appropriate quarter master! Great guild group - pally tank is something for Ashield to aspire to.

Jekle and Hiide snuck into a Zul'Aman to get the 20 slot Tattered Hexcloth Sack

Asheal and Ashield finished up in Nagrand. Soloed Gurok the Usurper. Tried soloing Levixus the Soul Caller, but he summons elementals as well as mind controlling my priest. Fail!
Completed the Greatmother Geyah quest line for the first time. This questline starts with "A visit with the Greatmother", but there are three other chains you need to complete to open it.
1) blademaster chain
2) altruis the demon hunter chain
3) the murkblood quests (murkblood invaders as well as the escort quest out of sunspring village)

The quest line involves a trip into Auchenai Crypts to kill Exarch Maladaar. Once dead an NPC spawns near his body. (It's one of the crystal beings like A'dal) Be sure to talk to it to get the next quest in the chain. Also, don't forget to pickup the Soul Mirror quest item hovering near the dead boss.
The last killing quest involves killing 15 elites in Nagrand. Supposed to be a 3-man group quest, but soloed it quite easily.
Completing the quest line gives both a blue neck piece and another piece - I chose the plate legs.

It's one of the few quests where I stopped to "watch the show". Thrall is the Greatmother's grand son and he comes to Garadar as part of the story line. Horde players get a nice 1hr buff when this occurs.

Dinged 68 and now questing in Blades Edge Mountains.


Comments from Ctrl Alt WoW:

Sender Info:
Name: Zeppa

re: Re: Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 63 - Learning Your Alts

Enjoy the podcast (I must admit I was excited to find out Ashayo was co-hosting a podcast. I was disappointed when his dual boxing tips on The Instance stopped).

I must share my opinion on something Aprillian has mentioned a few times in the last few shows. If you put something up in the auction house, someone else can NOT "steal" that item by buying it. They are buying an item that you are selling. If you are going to use the neutral auction house as your own way to make money (by sending faction pets back and forth and selling them), I don't think you should really complain when someone else uses the neutral auction house to make some gold. The fact that the person has returned your items is kind of them, I suppose, but I don't feel it is necessary. Also, you have been taught this lesson on more than one occasion, and have yet to learn from experience. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. If you stick your hand in a fire, you get burned. Don't stick your hand in the fire again because you think you should be able to.

Keep up the great work on the podcast.


Hello Aprillian and Ashayo! I enjoyed episode 64 and had a question for you both: When managing all of your alts, do you find that it is easier or difficult to earn gold? I find that when I'm playing alts, I often have to supplement their income with gold from my main. Do you find yourselves always going back to your main to farm or do dailies for your alts, or are your alts self-sufficient?

Thanks and keep up the great work.


P.S. Great job on the How I WoW podcast, Aprillian! :)


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