Monday, June 16, 2008

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 67 - Oops I Knew I Forgot Something

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 67 - Oops I Knew I Forgot Something
Aprillian and Ashayo discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Full Show Notes at

Note: You may find yourself with two copies. The first upload was too low, I uploaded a louder version.

Addons - Quest helper and Quest guru What We've been Doing Aprillian: Aprillian went back to outland and dinged 60. Spent gold on new skills, including 510 on riding. and then selected PM and went to Cenarion Refuge to do the quest. I took Rilfire and Auntrillia as an escort but she did fine on her new mount. Couldn't see the map on Aprillian or Rilfire but could on Auntrillia, so it was good that she was there. Then they rode to Swamprat Post to get the FP Aprillian turned in the quest and became a Mooncloth Tailor Bought the Weather beaten journal, Primal was in Og and she picked it up - I had moved Primal to Og so she could get some snakes to transfer over. Gold spammers in og are awful Spent Tues and Wed with Rilfire fishing Wed night went to Cenarion and bought book but not high enough. Fished in outland Auntrillia took Relaq and iShaq into SFK - rotating pri and Auntrillia for summoning Grinding Azure Whelplings in Azhara, I got one Rezzing at the Spirit Mounting my kodo in a tight spot in Azhara Spent almost an hour Friday morning transferring dragon hatchlings to the ally ah Friday Night, Sat morning and evening, killing blue dragons in Azhara while Aprillian started her Dreadsteed quest. Sunday Morning Rilfire dings 61 killing dragons in Azhara Aprillian had to hearth out of Shadow Hold to get 150g and go back to Burning Steppes to get some more potion to pretend to be Jaedenar Ashayo: First week where we got down Hydros and Lurker down in one night. Won some very nice [Boots of the Shifting Nightmare] to top the night off. Completed the Blessings deck and headed on over to Goldshire to get "Darkmoon Card: Crusade" from the Darkmoon Faire. "Each time you land a harmful spell on an opponent, you gain 8 spell damage for the next 10 sec., stacking up to 10 times." And to complete the hat-trick, bought [Fused Nethergon Band] using badges with the Shattered Sun offensive. Asheal and Ashield have been continuing their quest lines in Netherstorm and making steady progress. Two "Quests of the week" this week 1. "Bloody Imp-ossible!" - You get this from Cosmowrench and get given an item that lets you summon an imp. So I'm not completing that quest, and will just keep the item. Unfortunately, only works in Netherstorm 2. "Destroy Naberius!". This quest line starts in Kirin'Var Village in south east Netherstorm with the quest "Malevolent Remnants". A couple of the steps have fairly low drop rates, but persist, because the final quest reward is well worth it. Naberius herself can be tough, but I managed it with the priest/pally combo. Important that you watch the ground and move, because she casts a spell on the ground that ticks for 1000 damage. First stab at dual-boxing Karazhan this week with Ashayo and Asheal. Got up to Curator. The mages got some loving this week, and they both up to 25 now. Each of them got a run though SFK and BFD with Ashayo and Hiide, so starting to get geared up. Using Keyclone is starting to get a little more familiar, and actually survived some hairy encounters in Ashenvale while doing the Warsong Saw Blades quest. Can't really decide where to quest them from 25-30. Suggestions?

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