Monday, June 30, 2008

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 69 - Summer Fire Festival Continues

What We've Been Doing?


Obsessed with getting 350 blossoms so I can get the fire pet on Aprillian which is crazy cause she just purchased a Mana Wyrmling for 38g

Actually got to Exador and Darnassus, died a lot but got the flames. Had a hard time juggling alts. Sometimes the mood would hit to run low levels and then sometimes I wanted upper.

Got to Exador with Aprilian, Treshel and Auntrillian and couldn't get far. Called for reinforcement on gchat, got in after much dying.

Friday, took Ardrion

Craziest Escort Quest ever - Running my level 7 to Ironforge. Ran in with Treshel, Aprillian, Auntrillia and died. Resurrected in the tram and hung

Sun am Aprillian got dancer,


Tip of the Week: Bag Upgrades. Did you know that you can drag and drop a new bag into the bag slots on your GUI and it will automatically replace the existing bag, even if it is full?

Jekle and Hiide ran around to get their 350 Blossoms and do some Alliance raiding. Hiide got the Captured Flame, but it just looks like an embarrassed dead Night Elf is following him around. Got into IF, but there was a bunch of alliance around the fire. Hiide ran out in front of them and did a virtual na-dah-na-dah and ran off. Predictably, they all followed, while Jekle calmly put out the fire. :)

Ashayo partook in killing Ahune in Slave Pens, but didn't get any of the phat loot.

Jekle ventured into Zul'Aman for the first time. Ran out of mana, but we got the bear boss down. Which meant we could help a bunch of guildies get their 20 slot bag.

The level 25 Mid Summer Fire Trek.
Why? Well, I wanted to see if I could get all the flight paths where all the Fires are.
Plus, getting 350 blossoms for Brazier of Dancing Flames
But most important: Getting quest experience does *not* eat into your rested EXP. So if you can do a quest without actually killing anything, you just keep accumulating rest. By the end of this silliness, my mage hit level 29 ( Four full levels just by doing these quests ), and the rested bar is still not visible.

None of this was corpse jumping. Sure, I died a few times, but I was rezed on the spot and kept running.

Ran from sepulcher to Tarren Mill
To Hammerfall and Refuge point
Down into Wetland, Menethil harbor
Back up into Loch Modan
Up to Dun Morogh, Kharanos
Failed IF miserably
Back to Loch Modan and down into Badlands, reached flight path at Kargath!
Flew down to Booty Bay; two fires on the beach
Fly up to Grom'gol
Ran up STV into Darkshire, and across to Westfall
Up to Goldshire
Across to Lakeshire
Up into Burning Steppes x 2!
Back down to Swamp of Sorrows
Into Blasted Lands
Port to Undercity, fly to Tarren Mill
Run through Hinterlands (argg)
Port to Org

Flight to Ashenvale
Run up through Felwood, get flight points
Run through Timbermaw cave into Winterspring
Fly to Sunrock retreat.
Run down through Desolace x 2
Into Feralas, out to Sardor Isle,
Back to camp mojache
run down to freewind post in thousand needles

Summoned to exodar - ding 28!

Fly back to Freewind post
Run down to Tanaris x 2
Run into Un'goro - slow fall FTW!
Across to Silithus x 2
Fly to Camp T
Run into Dustwallow marsh x 2

352 Blossoms!

Despite having enough for the reward, I ventured into the Outlands:

Ran down into Terrokar Forest and got them at Stonebreaker Hold and Allerian Stronghold.
Fly back to Shatt
Run up to Zangermarsh and get Swamprat Post FP. Run into Hellfire Peninsula. At this point I did die and corpse jump to Falcon Watch.
Flew to Thrallmar and got the two fires.
Fly back to Swamprat Post and run to Telredor and Zabra'jin
Run down into Nagrand and got the fires at Garadar and Telaar
Decided against trying to get into SMV, BE or Netherstorm

The Add-on Corner


These three work together to improve the information shows when hovering over an item.
- See how much quest rewards will sell for (for when you're just going to vendor them)
- See what items will DE into, and the like DE'ed value
- See what level Enchanting you need to DE an item
- Shows an additional tip with the currently equipped item in the matching slot, so you can compare them side by side



hey guys,
Playing WoW for about a year now and being a Ctrl Alt WoW listener for almost the same time I finally got around to write an email to one of my favourite WoW podcasts. I think my altaholism started when I was playing around on my first character, a warrior (I know, very educated choice as a first char :P) and saw a dwarf hunter in Westfall oneshotting everything. I immediately logged out and created a dwarf hunter myself... it went from there... everytime I saw someone else playing a certain class I just had to create a new alt... Today my characters are:
a 70 hunter; a 67 paladin; a 56 warrior; a 54 mage; three lvl19 twinks and I've just started a shaman and a rogue. (Although most of my alts are female & Alliance, I'm not a 13 year old weirdo, Apprillian! :P)

As you can see, I'm a bit of an altaholic myself ;) I've been trying to get into endgame stuff though (/raiding) for some time now but somehow I always manage to get distracted with leveling alts or pvping on my twinks, etc. I hope to see some endgame content though in the near future with my current main, a holy paladin before Wrath comes out.

Ctrl Alt WoW is definitely one of my favourite WoW podcasts since you guys actually talk about "playing the game" and your experiences in-game while most podcasts just discuss news concerning WoW. Plus, you're both altaholics like me. Most of the people I play with just have one char and maybe one alt they don't even play. If I pay 10-15 bugs a month for playing this game, I'm not just gonna try out one class. I've tried out both factions and a lot of different race / class combinations so far. Even if you just level a character to lvl20-25. You get to experience new content or the same content in a different way by playing another class. Plus, it's a good way to become a better teamplayer in my opinion to check out all the classes to a certain extend. Anyways, this is already a wall of text so I'm gonna stop rambling. Just wanted to let you know that I really enjoy the podcast. Keep up the good work :-)

Janic from Germany

PS: Sorry about the grammar, English is not my first language ;)***

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